Nov 11th 2022

Join us for a special evening where we will honor the energy of 11/11 and the moon.

Our gathering will include a beautiful Rose Harmony Ceremony and Crystal Sound Bath (Frequency Cleanse).

We will provide:

Tea, snacks, roses (limited amount), rose spiritual essence water, and smoke cleanse.

Please bring: Roses (to ensure everyone has roses for the rose ceremony and any color is okay), mat, blanket, cushions and anything to help you feel comfortable. and a small empty spray bottle.

Meet your practitioners:

Cristina Puzio is a bilingual spiritual practitioner and Curandera from Pilsen. She/her practices tarot, mediumship, curanderismo, reiki and meditation. She loves to open up peoples heart/spirit and offer them a way to connect to the inner divine within them. Cristina is the wellness leader at El Paseo Community Garden and founder of the Community Healing Mercado. She will be leading the rose harmony ceremony which is a spiritual rite that comes from Xochimilco, Mexico. IG: Pilsen Chica

Alice Perez (she/her/they) loves her community and is ready to serve it in a Safe and Accessible way. She has always had a passion for collaboration, from studying lighting design and working as a unit to bring ideas to life, to currently working with the El Paseo Wellness Coalition to bring accessible peace and wellness to the community. Alice has an array of skills ranging from the previously mentioned lighting design, reiki, sound facilitator, tarot reader, jewelry maker, intention setter, and friend. Alice is a student of the Universe and every being she crosses paths with. Alice will be leading a Frequency Cleanse utilizing 18 years of her music background and her coveted crystal bowl set. She is so excited to journey and grow as a community. IG: alices.crystal.palace

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