Oct 30th 2022

As in years past, our celebrations of the cultural traditions of Latine/a/o communities in the United States and Latin America continue! We are pleased to share that Palenque LSNA and Comfort Station are coming together to reserve public space for these traditions in an effort to honor the lives of those we’ve lost and celebrate those who are still here with us.

The history of Día de Muertos is incomplete without a telling of its origins in Indigenous communities. It is what scholars of religion refer to as a “syncretization” between two cultures. In an environment that attempted to stomp out their culture, indigenous peoples wrote their narrative into the narrative of Christianity. They resisted domination. The peoples of México have managed to continue that legacy as the practice takes place in homes across that country and the United States. Telling this narrative will help us to continue to view the practice as a tool to dismantle the neocolonial systems of oppression we live in today. The telling reminds us that the narrative of the Catholic Church and the Mexican peoples is neither singular nor homogenous.

Like any cultural practice, some members of our community might not immediately recognize or understand certain parts of the altar. We ask that all members of the community remember that this is a sacred practice and it is a way that people make meaning and communicate with the Transcendent.

The day will feature:

This year, Comfort Station & Palenque LSNA will be showcasing our community altar. All are welcome at all of our festivities as we celebrate life, live into grief, and hope for a more just and humane world, together. For your consideration, we are looking for multiple submissions that will help us celebrate and honor all walks of life and expressions in our Logan Community:

  • Digital/Physical Photos: We welcome the memory of your loved one, please bring a physical photo to any one of these altars beginning October 8th. Digital photos will be portrayed inside of Comfort Station.

  • Artwork: Comfort Station is holding an open call for art to be displayed as a part of this year’s Day of the Dead Celebration. Dia de los Muertos is a celebration of life and loved ones, artists are invited to submit work that reflects such spirit and themes. Your work will be publicly displayed during the week of November 1st – 5th at Comfort Station, located at 2579 N. Milwaukee Ave. Please submit your artwork the week of October 8th. For questions you may have, please email nrios@lnsas.net.

  • Recipes y Recuerdos: We recognize that food is at the heart of faith, culture, and relationship. Favorite foods are one item that people place on their ofrendas in order to remember those they love who have died. You’re invited to symbolically bring food to our shared community altars through story. Please share a specific food that reminds you of a person you’ll be remembering at our celebrations and tell us why it makes you think of that person.

Thank you for your willingness to consider submitting a remembrance or artwork as part of the 2022 Día de Muertos Altars at Comfort Station! We thank you for your thoughtful and respectful contributions to this sacred space and practice.

For your submissions, please use this form: https://forms.gle/mpTX1uXK6MqWT7Lz7

For questions regarding the event please contact: katie@comfortstationlogansquare.org.

For questions regarding submissions please contact: nrios@lnsas.net




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