Oct 14th 2022

Transitions explores the world around us through interactive artworks about identity. I began this series years ago as a research project to learn how life experiences, environment, and interactions in society impacted the identity for LGBTQ individuals. It has evolved to include a global perspective on identity and how generational history combined with our health also impacts who we become.

The opening reception for Transitions will kick off my fall residency with The Honeycomb Network. During this time, I will treat the space as a working idea, continuing to make changes and adjustments to the content of the exhibit to reflect the Transitions in our lives. My goal with this exhibit is to share how different narratives come to life in my artwork and how our ideas as creatives continue to evolve.

As a collaboration with Our Guild, each fine artwork will include an NFT pairing. Whether or not you are currently involved in the world of NFTs, or just curious about them, this exhibition allows for a fluid introduction into this innovation technology.

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