Oct 28th 2022

David Hauptschein and Leo Segedin: SELF PORTRAITS

@ Rare Nest Gallery

3433 N Kedvale Ave, Chicago IL 60641

Opening Friday, October 28th, from 6:30 - 8:30

On view through Tuesday, November 15th

How do artists portray themselves? If you are Rembrandt, who completed close to one-hundred self portraits in oil, etching and ink, you capture the pathos of complex inner life – from callow young man to worn-out master / disaster. If you’re Cindy Sherman, you disguise yourself in order to reveal fragments of the private self.

Self Portraits by David Hauptschein and Leo Segedin

Both artists have engaged in explorations of self-representation that combine introspection and extraversion. Both artists incorporate elements or themes of aging, vision, ableness and a fear of invisibility. What can we learn from their perspectives? Hauptschein (71) and Segedin (95) overcome challenges with their vision. Segedin was diagnosed with dry macular degeneration over a decade ago. Hauptschein developed an undiagnosed eye ailment. Courageous artists accommodating age with disability, adaptation, and the enduring impulse to create are explored in this exhibition.

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