Sep 20th 2022

Join the Goethe-Institut Chicago for our monthly reading group focused on contemporary German-language novels in translation!

Identitti, by Mithu Sanyal, 2021

Translated by Alta L. Price

Nivedita, also known as Identitti, is a well-known blogger and doctoral student at the University of Düsseldorf who idolizes her supervisor, superstar Postcolonial and Race studies Professor Saraswati. But just a couple of hours after being interviewed on the radio about her blog and respect for Saraswati, Nivedita’s life and sense of self are turned upside down when it emerges that Saraswati is actually white (and German).

Moving between blog entries, Twitter threads and standard prose, Identitti showcases the powerful role of internet culture in current political debates about race and identity.

This reading group is free and open to all, and discussions will be held in English.

Mithu Sanyal was born in Düsseldorf in 1971 and is a cultural scientist, writer, journalist and critic. Her non-fiction work Vulva. Das unsichtbare Geschlecht was published in 2009 and Vergewaltigung. Aspekte eines Verbrechens in 2016.

We encourage you to order this book through your local bookstore or request it through the Chicago Public Library (direct link here: Search | Chicago Public Library | BiblioCommons).

The book can also be ordered through Amazon: Identitti: A Novel: 9781662601293: Sanyal, Mithu, Price, Alta L.: Books

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