Sep 8th 2022

Monika Plioplyte: See, Shade, Shape

@ NEIU Fine Arts Center Gallery

5500 N St. Louis Ave, Chicago, IL 60625, Building E

Opening Thursday, September 8th, from 5:30PM - 8PM

On view through Sunday, September 25th

Monika Plioplyte is presenting a collection of drawings, prints, and collages — a body of work that began developing during Covid lockdown in 2020 as a way to respond to recurring but blurry fragmented bits of her dreaming mind that were defying all narrative logic, trying to make sense of the bizarre and uncertain pandemic reality. Daily, she began to obsessively create patterns out of inkblots by folding paper over and over again. The resulting drawings became a material for mixed media collage works which were arrayed around and created on her studio floor. Thinking about symbols, the body, the striking symmetry of inkblots, and the various interpretations they conjure has led Plioplyte to playfully invent her own interlanguage that communicates through an accidental code, whether it’s the
unexpected expressions of inkblot, or her own body as a sigil. Her daily walking meditation around these pieces on her studio floor connected to her ongoing interest in ancient labyrinths that were believed to trap malevolent spirits or act as defined paths for ritual dances; which resulted in her own type of labyrinth-like installation.

The poem incorporated in this exhibition is from the publication “The Inkblot Record”; by Dan Farrell published by Coach House Books in the 2000s. Monika discovered this poem around the same time she began creating the inkblot
drawings and has turned to this poem frequently over the past few years for inspiration.

Instagram: @monikaplioplyte

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