Aug 5th 2022

From the Center

@ The Plan

600 N Albany Ave, Chicago, IL 60612

Opening Friday, August 5th, from 6PM - 10PM

On view through Friday, September 16th

THE PLAN is proud to present From the Center, a group exhibition featuring painting, drawing, and sculpture works that focus on addressing the center of the object, picture plane, surface, and image. By bringing together works that address the center, this show seeks to identify a wide range of possibilities in and around this basic compositional and formal element. This exhibition poses questions around what kind of momentum can a room of paintings and sculptures addressing the center create? What does it mean for multiple centers to exist simultaneously? What is the potential for the center to function as a hole, a vanishing point, a target, a void, a UFO, an exit, an entry, a position, a force, etc.? Can the center create both distance and intimacy simultaneously? Is the center something shared? How can the center be renegotiated formally, spatially, contextually, optically, materially, socially?

“…..First, the ring, then the wheel of Fortune and finally the Circulus Vitiosus Deus, so many figures what in themselves presupposes a center, a focus, a void, perhaps even a God which inspires the circular movement, and is expressed in it, yet which is kept at a distance. The centrifugal forces never flee the center forever but approach it a new only in order to retreat from it again. Such are the vehement oscillations that overwhelm an individual as long as she seeks only her own center and cannot see the circle of which she is a part. For if these oscillations overwhelm her it is because each corresponds to an individuality other than the one she believes herself to be, from the point of view of the unfindable center. As a result, an identity is essentially fortuitous.”
(Excerpted/altered from Pierre Klossowski on Nietzsche)

From the Center is curated by Noelle Africh.

From the Center @ The Plan Chicago
Opening: August 5th, 2022, 6-10pm, 600 N Albany Ave.
Runs through September 16th. Open hours on Sunday afternoons from 12 – 4pm
Curated by Noelle Africh

Christina Ballantyne
Sofía Fernández Díaz
Rose Dickson
Hunter Foster
Judith Geichman
Jasper Goodrich
Sam Jaffe
Deanna Miera
Leah Ke Yi Zheng

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