Aug 5th 2022

Electric Pink Lemonade

@ Arts of Life and Circle Contemporary

2010 W Carroll Ave, Chicago, IL 60612

Opening Friday, August 5th, from 5PM - 8PM

On view through Friday, September 30th

The Arts of Life and Circle Contemporary is pleased to announce Electric Pink Lemonade, an exhibition guest curated by Roland Santana.

The exhibition title and concept hints to Santana’s on-going interest in bright colors and fantastical themes. Pink lemonade which is synonymous to summertime has its colorful roots to being a beverage served at the circus. The works selected by Santana pulsate with light and energy, showing no restraint to making the human touch of the artist present. Much like the circus there are moments in the room that will awe you in its abnormal ways of display. This large group show includes 15 Chicago based artists: Maria Vanik, Marcus Kennedy, Kelly Stone, Lucy Walsh, Alysha Kostelny, Renata Berdes, Susan Pasowicz, Marcelo Eli Sarmiento, Camilo Medina, Noel Mercado, Sarah Leuchtner, Roland Santana, Sheri Rush, Jessica Zawadowicz and Michael Cuadrado

Renata Berdes – Michael Cuadrado – Marcus Kennedy – Alysha Kostelny –Sarah Leuchtner – Camilo Medina – Noel Mercado –Susan Pasowicz – Sheri Rush – Roland Santana –Marcelo Eli Sarmiento – Kelly Stone – Maria Vanik –  Lucy Walsh –  Jessica Zawadowicz

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