Aug 12th 2022

Coffin Talk

@ Block House Gallery

11137 S Langley Ave, Chicago, IL 60628

Opening Friday, August 12th, from 6PM - 10PM

We are so excited for our next show with longtime PullmanArts members and associates and an awesome new local artist. Please come out next Friday night for the happiest, friendliest little show about death and grieving. The show features miniature ceramics by Carla Bruni (@ctbruni @tinyeulogies) the imaginative and not far-fetched historical fiction involving the undead by Pullman’s own, Andy Bullen, and the expert, vibrant fiber artistry of Linda Beierle Bullen, humorous, rare memento mori drawings by Phil Thompsen (@wonder_city_studio) and original paintings and a short film by Aquarius Ester (@lookatmylungs). See you on the 12th to celebrate life with food, beverage and some uplifting art about death.

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