Jul 7th 2022

The Space Between Us

@ Co-Prosperity

3219 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Thursday, July 7th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Wednesday, August 3rd

The Space Between Us is a group show by Kir, Michael Cuadrado, and Bradley Marshall opening at Co-Prosperity on Thursday, July 7th from 6-9PM.

The Space Between Us is a wrangling. A limp shadow that traipses to a periphery of our created environment. Its presence defines what is out of bounds, but not what is in play. It is a field of scattered semiotics, composed of historical reclamations, hydrocarbon accretions, and the voids of prefab signifiers.

Cuadrado’s paintings and collage befuddle the serialized narratives of modernist painting. Beneath the organizing principles of grids, mosaics, and arrows lies an uneasy aphroditic tension. Marshall’s works are assembled from dumbified joinery, highlighting tropes of DIY goods and the homes surrounding them. Made from cheap composite materials, more concerned with logistics than longevity – the forms are wedged between consumptive identities and fabricated experiences of labor. Kir’s work depicts inorganic and organic waste on colliding vectors of abjection. Forms teeter, dance, and wither as they are discarded from one host to the next, tumbling into disfiguration and burnt out afterlives.

The Space Between Us is as much a question for counterparts as it is to the self. Whether reflected in a discarded mold, felt through the limits of our topology, or elucidated in the serialized desires of our own taste – Cuadrado, Kir, and Marshall’s exhibition seeks to present the uneasy distance between our objects, identities, histories, and trajectories.

-Matt Ryan

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