Jul 23rd 2022

Scott Jay Marr | The Flight of the Butterflies

@ Blue Moon Gallery

18620 Belvidere Rd, Grayslake IL 60030

Opening Saturday, July 23rd, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Sunday, September 11th

Scott Jay Marr | New Paintings: The Flight of the Butterflies | July 23 – September 11
Saturday, July 23, 6-9pm
Saturday, August 27, 6-9pm
On View through September 11
Open Weekends 1-4pm

Scott Jay Marr has had a successful career for the last 30+ years working in Opera as both a Scenic and Costume Designer. As a Scenic Artist, Scott was trained to paint large scale drops or scenic pieces on the floor — while using a brush attached to a long bamboo pole to gain perspective. As a result, it was natural and instinctive for him to paint this new series of works flat on a table while incorporating the techniques he uses as a Scenic Artist.

Scott starts out working very wet, loose, and quickly letting the colors seep and blend as the paint is laid in. The spatter technique is not only used as a means of expression and movement but also to break up color, to diffuse it, to create some mystery, and to allow the surface to slightly shift in color tone, just as painted scenic elements would under variations of stage lighting.

“The paintings in “The Flight of Butterflies” represent a cross section of feelings, emotions, and states of being as I have journeyed through the past 60 years of my life. The series depicts a time of reflection as well as exploration and evolution as I arrive at the threshold of a new chapter. It is empowering to take all that has been behind us, cocooning us, and use that energy to continue finding the beauty of life in the world around us and to allow the gentle breezes of joy and happiness to bless us with the freedom to take flight. Individually and as a whole, my paintings celebrate a metamorphosis of transformation and hope, of rebirth and resurrection, and a triumph of the spirit and soul.” — Scott Jay Marr

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