Jun 24th 2022

kindon mills: sentimental cartography

@ 1100 Florence

1100 Florence Ave, Evanston, IL 60202

Opening Friday, June 24th, from 6PM - 8PM

On view through Sunday, July 10th

sentimental cartography
featuring new works by kindon mills
june 24 – july 10, 2022

1100 florence gallery is hosting the “sentimental cartography” exhibit, featuring new works by kindon mills, june 24 – july 10, 2022.

A series of watercolors and mylar drawings, this body of work explores the disconnect between the precision of architectural drawing and the dream-like processes of mapping and memory. Using the tools and media of architectural representation, the drawings address the tension between the concrete nature of the places we inhabit (and the means by which we define them) and the erosion of those places in the imagination.

Opening Party, Friday, June 24, 6-8p
Artist Talk, Saturday, July 2, 2p
Residency dates; Wednesday, June 29, 12-4p & Wednesday, July 6, 12-4p
Concert, Pan•American, Sunday, July 10, 2p
Closing reception, Sunday, July 10, 3-5 p

grids and coordinates
the blank page has a scale, a size, a logic beyond its size and proportion.
the making of a drawing is, at the simplest level, an insertion of a new logic- a grid or a frame or a weight. this set of drawings is purely an exploration of the place of the page, mapping its coordinates. the imagery placed within the grid or the frame is the map of the paper. it is sometimes also a map of a place or a moment or a sequence. while not exactly literal, the maps in these pages define boundary and event and time. they define memory and the tension between the measured and the immeasurable- the tension bound in a map of a place or the act of remembering

human topography
the shape of a place is informed by its occupants and the memory of their passage. we see landscape in relation to the memory-sized hole this erosion carves through it. this memory is a map of time and place in the same way that a road map tells us the sequence of movements from one place to another. the maps we hold in our minds are the narrative sequence of movements from one moment or age to another. these maps are distillations of ages, of people and places lost as they erode and emerge into a different form of being. age is a road map, too.

contours of reminiscence
isolated as single instances, memories can be understood as distillations of moments in time. but rarely is a memory an isolated event. rather, memories are layerings, amalgams. even the isolated event is a palimpsest upon which we read the events before and after as clearly as the moments upon which we focus. memory and landscape coexist in this way. when we revisit a place, the events of our pasts may be missing from the ground- lost to history or growth or change, they can not, however, be effaced from our reminiscence of the place: like a shadow, dogging our footsteps.

kindon mills is an architect, mom and educator. the focus of kindon’s practice is split between the haptics and happenings of daily living and the study of architecture as a vessel of memory. her work as an architect, at the small scale, wrestles with the complexities of family living in small-ish urban spaces- knotting together dwelling, landscape and city. leaving aside ideas about form, how do we tune design to the body, to tectonic operations and to the greater arc of history and the city?

kindon’s drawing practice brings together architecture, craft and drawing- looking at the intersection of architecture and personal history. working in a variety of media, kindon creates images that knot the precision of technical drawing and the imprecise nature of memory.


Gallery Hours Fri 5-8p, Sat & Sun 12-5p
By appointment, call 847-544-8205

1100 Florence Gallery
1100 Florence Ave.

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