Jun 22nd 2022

Former Prairie: Alternative Views of Chicago on Film

Tony Phillips: THRESHOLD OF DOUBT (1976)

Deborah Meehan: FORMER PRAIRIE (1978)

“visually beautiful… it was shot entirely at night in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. It’s a narrative fragment that strives to combine distance and attraction, terminal boredom and the unattainable.” -Barbara Scharres, Chicago Reader

Renata Breth: SITE (1980)

The filmmaker as archaeologist uncovers layer after layer – hidden landscapes beneath the cityscape. Until within a sea of grain: WE SEE. -Breth

Jean Sousa: SPENT MOMENTS (1984)

An abstract narrative shot from the point of view of a house – the woman is seen from an angle of the wall, the corner observes her. This is a film about fleeting sensations in the midst of ordinary activities, the energy of heat, and the activity of the imagination. -Sousa

AJ Rose: 1967 or PENIS (1965)

“the first real film from Chicago” -Jonas Mekas (probably)

Media: 16mm Film

There will be some images of nudity and dead animals.


Screening Will be inside.

Curated, presented and projected by Josh B Mabe

Programmed for Comfort Station by Raul Benitez, Emily Perez and Mathew Tapey.

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