May 4th 2022

Tanda: Mesofuturism: Reclaiming Historical Identity through Archiving and Critical Fabulation, Josué Esaú Romero Velasquez

How would Mesoamerican civilization have developed without colonial genocide? How would Meso-values and culture influence and guide the development of technology, urbanity, and generally our relationship to the earth, resources, and each other? What can their cultural / experiential knowledge offer to our present civilization and the futures we need? And how can I channel their values and knowledge in my studio work and daily life, grounding a decolonial presence / prescience?

These questions are framed in a futurist context akin to Afrofuturism and broader Latinx-futurisms, but concerned specifically with speculative mesoamerican work, searching for existing artistry / scholarship to focus a cohesive vision of what exists as resource for myself and other Mesos looking to expand these futures.

Join us in a Tanda session to share conversations, resources, and knowledge.

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Tanda is a cohort program that aids individuals with their research and practice through self-directed and collective learning. It is a program providing time and space to gather, share, think and exchange conversations, resources, and knowledge on participants’ chosen topics and practices.

Sessions are virtual, free and open to the public.
Closed captioning available

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Josué Esaú Romero Velasquez was born in Honduras, raised in San Antonio, and currently lives in Chicago. He works through sculpture, archiving, and various media to confront the implications of being undocumented in this country, searching for ways to ground safety, home, and legacy for himself and the communities he loves. Josué holds a BFA from the Southwest School of Art, and an MFA from Columbia College Chicago.

Chuquimarca is an art library project tasked to gather and share resources related to Native, Caribbean, and Latin American art histories and contemporary art. Chuquimarca is based in Chicago.

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