May 4th 2022

Comfort Film is elated to welcome back the First Nations Film Festival for the start of the 2022 season.

Wednesday, May 4, 7:00pm-9:00pm: IN-PERSON PROGRAM 1

Where Smoke Rises 00:06:32
Pua ka uahi is a wonder-filled Indigenous animation following Pele, a hot tempered fire goddess, who has been challenged by the shapeshifting trickster Kamapuaʻa in a race from Puna to Hilo. Pele traverses through the land and helps a few friends along the way. Will she win, or will she enjoy the journey even if it means losing the race? English closed captioning.
DIRECTED BY: Kalilinoe Detwiler (US-born Native Hawaiian)

The Daily Life of Mistress Red 00:10:33
The Daily Life of Mistress Red is a mockumentary that explores the world of kink, native women and defeating white supremacy.Taylor is a blogger for a Indigenous women’s website and wants to interview her favorite idol Marie Callingbird; a Native fashion boutique owner by day and to her surprise, Mistress Red by night. Mistress Red is a dominatrix for hire who takes the effects of racism, sexism and colonization into her own hands by educating white supremacists through pleasure. This project focuses on issues within the circle of indigenous women, racism and the acceptance of sexuality. This story follows a journey or what sexuality is to indigenous women and what it can do to empower them.

DIRECTED BY: Peshawn Rae Bread (Comanche)

In thy woods 00:03:55
In A Post Apocaliptic World, After Diseases Spread Out Of Control Of Exponentially, Most Of The Human Race Banish To New Viruses. After Many Experiments, Things Went Wrong Until What Was Left Of Labs Went Out Of Control. Dead Corpses Started To Walk Again, But Without Souls They Became Vessels For Evil Spirirts To Walk The Earth Again. Those Who Still Walk The Earth Live Hidding From Place To Place Trying To Stay Alive Until A Cure Might Be Found. People Now Live In Fear Not Only Of The Undead But Also Of What Has Taken Their Bodies. This Is The Story Of Sebastian One Of Maky Kids Left Without Parents In This Post Apocaliptic World Where, Viruses, The Undead And Evil Encarnated Spirits Reign The World.
DIRECTED BY: Ricardo Patino (Taino)

In Our Own Hands 00:11:00
A group of women plan rescue efforts when one of their own goes missing from their reservation.
DIRECTED BY: Jennifer Varenchik (Tohono O’odham)

Powerlands 01:15:00
A young Navajo woman investigates displacement of Indigenous people in several countries, and devastation of the environment, caused by the same chemical companies that have exploited the land where she was born. On this personal and political journey she learns from Indigenous activists across three continents.
Ivey-Camille Manybeads Tso FNFVF2749 Diné

About First Nations Film and Video Festival:
The purpose of the First Nations Film and Video Festival Inc. is to provide an appropriate venue for Native American film and video makers of all skill levels.
The First Nations Film and Video Festival Inc. advocates for and celebrates the works of Native American film and video that break racial stereotypes and promotes awareness of contemporary Native American issues and society.

Total Program Time 1:47:00
Format Digital Projection.

This screening is indoors at Comfort Station and free.
Mask are required.

Programmed by: Raul Benitez, Matthew Tapey and Emily Perez.

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