Apr 13th 2022

Tanda: Creating Care-filled Igbo Architecture(s)

@ Chuquimarca


Opening Wednesday, April 13th, from 6:30PM - 8:30PM

Tanda: Creating Care-filled Igbo Architecture(s)
ebere agwuncha

There are key links from the Igbos of Nigeria that have informed some of the present architecture(s) that we see today. This project, Creating Care-filled Igbo Architecture(s), celebrates the intersections of architecture, design, craft, and art in the Igbo sphere (and beyond) through a dexterous practice exploring various inquiries including: food preservation, visual literature, rainwater collection, and extrusion/intrusion architecture. The word architecture(s) has been adapted to also include object design, functional structures, and visual literature.

With the support of Tanda, I am motivated to continue development for this project through research, writing, making and conceptual modeling. The methods for this period remain flexible yet intentional with an aim to also pull from secondary sources such as digital curated archives (ie.Ụ́kpụ́rụ́ Tumblr Page) that involve community discussions and historical images. My current goals are to form iterative speculative responses along with care-filled architectures and an ongoing visual catalog. I ask for peer support and discussions to expand the modes of data collection, guide written synopsis, and refine the baseline definition of architecture(s). Through this ongoing process, I wonder how an approach of “hybridity” can be a method to acknowledge varying cultures, narratives and practices for building our present futures.

Join us in a Tanda session to share conversations, resources, and knowledge.

Zoom registration link: https://tinyurl.com/2fbxzpe4

Tanda is a cohort program that aids individuals with their research and practice through self-directed and collective learning. It is a program providing time and space to gather, share, think and exchange conversations, resources, and knowledge on participants’ chosen topics and practices.

Sessions are virtual, free and open to the public.
Closed captioning available
For more information on the Tanda program, please visit chuquimarca.com/tanda

ebere agwuncha is a designer, maker, and artist based in Chicago via Anambra State, Nigeria. Her dexterous practice aims to hybridize various craft and materials including wood, ceramic, and natural fiber. Through creating functional ‘care filled architecture(s)’ and speculative installations, they aim to preserve Igbo stories through more expansive iterations using a diverse set of techniques. She holds an Industrial Design degree from Iowa State University and is currently an inaugural artist-in-exchange with the Sculpture Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for the spring of 2022. Part of this residency period is being used to produce work for their first solo show at the Comfort Station (Chicago, IL) this May of 2022.

Chuquimarca is an art library project tasked to gather and share resources related to Native, Caribbean, and Latin American art histories and contemporary art. Chuquimarca is based in Chicago.

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