Apr 16th 2022

Museum of The Mels “I’m Home: Habitats of The Mels”
Sneak Peek Event on April 16, 3-5pm

Wedge, 1448 W. Howard St. Chicago, IL 60626

Come join us for a unique event at Wedge Projects with artist Mel Keiser and her undulating, tessellating beast-of-a-project, Museum of The Mels. Since the inaugural opening of Museum of The Mels at Wedge Projects in 2018, Keiser has been working (under her heteronyms Dr. Melga Blank and the Eighth Mel) to develop another wing of the Museum, “The Habitats of The Mels.” This April, Keiser has once again transformed Wedge into Museum of the Mels to offer a Sneak Peek of this wing as it is—currently in progress. At the Sneak Peek, visitors will be able to:

–see the laboriously researched and constructed dioramas of the bedrooms of each of Mel’s past selves

–watch a short film featuring Dr. Melga Blank and the Eighth Mel, modeled off of the Field Museum’s permanently installed video, “Field Museum Research in the Rift Valley System”

–listen to the Museum’s new sound design created in close collaboration with the exceptional Corey Smith

–ask questions of Discovery Squad volunteer, the Eighth Mel, to learn more about the Museum, the Habitats of The Mels, self-evolutionary biology and more

For more information about the event, go to https://www.wedgeprojects.org/. For more information about the Museum, go to http://www.museumofthemels.org/. For more information about Mel Keiser, go to http://www.melkeiser.com.

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