Mar 30th 2022

Tanda: Facing Climate Change and Mass Migration Through Visual Art, Elizabeth Calvillo Dueñas

It’s an undeniable fact that our world’s climate will change. Yet, there’s little understanding or preparation as to how climate change will shape the demographics of our world. In the Pacific Northwest, summer of 2020 saw not only the pandemic, but also endless days of smoke-filled air, ash on cars and unnatural orange sunsets. These past few years, I’ve realized that this process is already beginning, but is going unnoticed.

I’m interested in researching this topic further to gain a better understanding of how climate change will shape our daily lives in the US. How will politics and our economy change? What will happen when cities cease to exist in the coming years? And in all of this, what role is art playing in this global process? Can it do anything? Should it?

Join us in this Tanda session to share conversations, resources, and knowledge.

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Tanda is a cohort program that aids individuals with their research and practice through self-directed and collective learning. It is a program providing time and space to gather, share, think and exchange conversations, resources, and knowledge on participants’ chosen topics and practices.

Sessions are virtual, free and open to the public.
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Elizabeth Calvillo Dueñas was born to a family of corn and bean farmers in a small village, La Yerbabuena (Spearmint), in Michoacán (Place of the Fishermen), México. She received a BFA in Photo/Media from the University of Washington. She is currently a member of SOIL, a member-run gallery in Seattle.

Chuquimarca is an art library project tasked to gather and share resources related to Native, Caribbean, and Latin American art histories and contemporary art. Chuquimarca is based in Chicago.

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