Feb 7th 2022

February 7 – March 21, 2022
McHenry County College
Epping Gallery (Building A, Lower Level)

The phenomenon of super-synchronistic surprise is crucial in resolving a compositional dilemma. I try to push the limits of a 2-d picture plane with flat patterns, shapes, and hard edge masking techniques. A theme explored in my work is that of suppressed of information, and how that relates to the human condition.

I think of my paintings as capsules of stored information, referencing topological maps and computer circuitry.

The willingness to pay attention and participate in the magic of everyday life, is what inspires me. A surrender to what is not known, with an openness to all possibilities. The creative process mirrors human life, in the way that the journey is the destination. I will sometimes have a plan for a painting, but am always open to the variable of complete change, as that seems to be the most reliable constant, in the universe. I prefer to view myself as a medium transmitting art into this realm, from a higher informational realm, of a subconscious nature.

The titles in my work are not crucial, but function in the way one would name their farm animals, as more of a verbal identifier, and are conceived of as playfully as the paint that was used to form them.

When viewing my work, my hope is that the distilled attempts to resolve the composition, come through to the viewer in a way that offers an interesting perspective, shedding light on mainstream constructs.

Zack Goulet took art classes at McHenry County College where he met Alberto Aguilar and Mark Arctander, working artists who were teaching at MCC. Zack went on to receive his BFA in Painting from the College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul, Minnesota.He has participated in a number of gallery exhibitions in Chicago at the Hairpin Arts Center, ARC Gallery, and the Three Seeds Gallery. His work is collected internationally as well as held in the collection of sculptor Nick Cave. In 2020 Zack was named a Saatchi Art Rising Star. Zack will have a series of digital collage NFTs published by Saatchi Arts in early 2022.

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