Feb 16th 2022

In this special edition of the Pleiades Series we’ll focus on the Deep Listening practice under the full snow moon. Deep Listening is intended to heighten and expand consciousness of sound in the listening body. We’ll tune our ears with a grounding listening meditation, then move on to a somatic warm-up with slow movement, and end with sound-based group practices for collective improvisation. The session will be led by Chicago artist Veronica Anne Salinas. She will be joined by:
Erica Miller, Cello
Elena Sindler, Voice
Naydja Bruton, Percussion
Karla Galva, Viola

Veronica Anne Salinas (she/her) has led slow walks and soundwalks in Illinois, Texas and Washington and regularly incorporates Deep Listening techniques into her work as an improviser and sound artist. Her work in Deep Listening stems from working with David Dove and the organization Nameless Sound (formerly the Pauline Oliveros Foundation Houston) in Houston, Texas, the birthplace of composer and DL pioneer, Pauline Oliveros. She has worked closely with Heloise Gold, Jennifer Wilsey, and Tom Bickley in the DL practice and is currently studying as a teaching artist at the Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Veronica is a Chicago-based sound artist, writer, editor, and Deep Listener. Her work explores artistic research through soundwalks, text scores, performance, improvisation, geomancy, field recordings, archives, and experimental narratives. She holds an MFA in Sound from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is the digital editor for the Oxford American.

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