Feb 18th 2022

Les Tourlicoulis: A 30 year retrospective of Nathalie Gribinski

@ Povos Gallery

2000 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL 60647

Opening Friday, February 18th, from 5PM - 9PM

On view through Sunday, March 27th

Tourlicoulis n. “Colors of joy, of peace, of sorrow, of turbulence. Colors to celebrate life.”

Nathalie Gribinski (born 1963) spent the first 6 years of her life in Algiers, before moving to Paris. She studied law and, upon graduation, bolted to the United States in search of artistic fulfillment.

She settled in Chicago in the 90’s, though she returned often on pilgrimages to Aix-en-Provence (near Van Gogh’s city of Arles) creating the foundations of her signature work, “Les Tourlicoulis” in the singular beauty of fields of lavenders, greens and sunflowers – vivid colors that exploded from memory back to the US.

Nathalie has been shown in France and America for over 20 years including an invitation to exhibit in Provence (curated by Mme. Christine Ruiz Picasso daughter in law of Pablo Picasso), who purchased a piece titled ‘The Bubble Dance’ for her private collection.

Today, Nathalie Gribinski lives and creates in Chicago. Her Tourlicoulis are her signature work – a language spoken with whimsical characters that revert to the lost, yet infinite imagination of a child, and the daring search of the adult to return there. These explosively vibrant, colorful paintings, many small, some extremely large, all dense with activity, encourage these disparate characters to vie for the attention of the observer.

Bold and elegant characters tell myriad tales and possibilities, and evoke a mystical, fantasy world. Recurring motifs (“Flashbacks”) pervade her later works, in both hidden and more brazen elements.

This show celebrates the characters in their fantasy, their journeys and lives through the last 3 decades, as well as the journey and life of Nathalie, who is very much a character of her own.

music by Tommaso Conforti
natural wines from door24

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