Feb 16th 2022

Deep Listening Night: Brian Eno & Friends

@ Life on Marz Community Club

1950 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Wednesday, February 16th, from 8PM - 10PM

On view through Wednesday, February 16th

This coming Wednesday, Deep Listening Night returns with guest DJ Joe Tallarico playing tunes from Brian Eno & Friends.

Throughout his four-decade-plus career, Brian Eno has been a part of many different projects that spread a complex array of styles and atmospheres, often utilizing many experimental processes and compositional tools (Oblique Strategies, anyone?). As part of this sonic journey, Joe Tallarico will work chronologically through some of Eno’s known and lesser known solo records, collaborations, and associated projects. We’ll start with Eno’s debut experimental rock record, “Here Come The Warm Jets,” followed by some Fripp and Eno collaborations, slowly moving towards some of Eno’s more spacious and minimal projects as a musician, producer, and record label owner.


Unlike the typical DJ set, Deep Listening Night, Hosted by Chad Kouri, features full sides and sometimes even complete records, allowing a more in-depth and uninterrupted listening experience. The goal is to bring a listening-lounge-style experience to visitors. We ask that all patrons keep their voices below the level of the music. Or, you know, don’t talk at all, close your eyes and enjoy. Wanna see your friends, but you don’t want to talk to them? Invite them along for the ride! Hope to see you there.

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