Feb 25th 2022

About the speaker: Khalid grew up in Pakistan in the foothills of the Himalayas; one hour south of the highest mountains in the world and one hour north of the agricultural plains of Punjab. Along with his family, he moved to the US when he was 12 and started a life of hyper observation of culture, language, and the human experience. This led to a creative and academic career in pattern finding, empathy, and observation.

Khalid straddles two very different lives; he is an epidemiologist at Northwestern University and has a commercial photography studio called Eat Pomegranate Photography. As an epidemiologist, over the last 8 years, his work has been immersed in clinical research projects in low resource healthcare settings like Nigeria, Malawi, Southern Pakistan, and now Chicago. His academic interests have traversed chronic disease and infectious diseases including but not limited to autism spectrum disorders, cerebral malaria, food allergies, and asthma.

In the realm of commercial photography, he specializes in people-centric lifestyle photography. This has led him to win bids for clients like Zappos, eBay, Urban Outfitters, and Amazon. His practice in portraiture focuses on hyper-empathy of the subject and utilizes techniques to best understand and photograph his subject’s personality. Khalid also has a few ongoing personal projects that explore the idea of slow communication. This work has been exhibited in solo and joint traveling exhibitions.

In both these seemingly disjoined career paths, Khalid uses similar problem-solving techniques that often start with a product-oriented goal that allows for malleability in the creative process.

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