Jan 27th 2022

This coming Thursday, January 27th from 6PM — 9PM, we will be welcoming Sonia Jia to Fulton Market Kitchen! She will be painting and showcasing her artwork to our guests throughout the dinner service.

Sonia is a Chinese artist born in 2000 in Odessa, Ukraine. She currently studies in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her main focuses are film directing and fine art. Sonia’s work studies and discusses many fields including Bataille’s philosophy, Hedonism, Feminism, LGBTQ, Psychology, sociology and so on. Five of her oil paintings are selected to exhibit in “Reflections” international contemporary art exhibition in 2021. This exhibition involves 25 different artists, including Paul Campbell, from various countries.

For more info on Sonia be sure to visit her website and her instagram!



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