Jan 28th 2022

Hannah Levy’s exhibition in The Arts Club of Chicago’s gallery, Surplus Tension, both invites and rejects corporeal engagement. Levy’s sculptural forms allure a viewer with skin-textured materials and references to furniture while simultaneously (even flirtatiously) distancing spectators with cold metal, peaked talons, and a juxtaposition of references that are both playful and unsettling.

Responding to the exhibition’s sharp edges and soft insinuations, dance maker Courtney Mackedanz embodies an inquisitive movement interaction with the exhibition, joining Levy’s works in an artistic exploration of the relationship between the skin as a surface and the armatures of structure that lay beneath.

Taking the current surge in Covid-19 cases into account, this program will be hosted virtually on YouTube Live. Focused and formatted for video presentation, the work will be bookended with an introduction by Chicago Dancemakers Forum’s former Executive Director, Ginger Farley, and a conversation about concept and process between with Mackedanz and Chicago dance thinkers Irene Hsaio (The Chicago Reader) and Alyssa Gregory (Host of The Process podcast).

To add to your experience for the evening, The Arts Club is happy to offer a to-go cocktail in partnership with cocktail-maker Miss Mya Pologies.

A Libertine’s Travertine $25

Fords Gin
Tito’s Vodka
Dirty Cherry Garnish

Leaning into the themes of Hannah Levy’s artwork and exploring the gritty, tacky, garish underbelly of sleek modernist design, Cocktail-maker Miss Mya Pologies brings us A Libertine’s Travertine. Evoking the swagger of James Bond with a gin and vodka martini, this drink slaps drinkers in the face with a shot of Malort–and a cherry on top to boot! Sip on this high class/base desire concoction at home while you steam Mackedanz’s performance.

Each Cocktail Kit contains enough for 2 1/2 cocktails.  Kits must be ordered by end of day on Tuesday, January 25th, and may be picked up at The Arts Club on Friday the 28th. Each cocktail kit contains enough for 2 1/2 cocktails.

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