Dec 4th 2021

Saturday, December 4th at 7pm

Proof of vaccination will be required to attend all Nightingale Cinema events, and masks will be worn at all times.

Nightingale Cinema welcomes Chicago-based media artist Kayla Anderson to screen six video works made from 2018-2021. Kayla’s work is distinctive in it’s quiet and soft, yet scientific and confident tone. Falling between observational documentaries, journal entries, and scientific studies, Kayla’s videos feel data-driven; the work builds systems and methods to understand both personal and global realities surrounding the artist. In viewing these five pieces, the audience can expect to gain both real-life, usable knowledge, as well as sneak a look through the ethereal, computer-animated window to the inner landscape of the artist’s mind.

Program Details

Night Slugs, 6:20, 2021

Pilea Peperomioides, 10:30, 2018

For the Foreseeable Future [Part 1], 11:15, 2020

The Future, 16:21, 2019

Stay With the Body, 16:44, 2019

Reset (Butterfly Time), 2:57, 2019

TRT: 62 min

About the artist:

Kayla Anderson participates in the art world as an interdisciplinary artist, a critical writer, a sometimes-curator, a precarious administrator, and an aspiring educator. Their visual practice is time-based, spanning video (single channel, and multi-channel installation), interactive virtual environments (video games), as well as performance, installation, and publication. Their work explores the ways that subjectivity shapes, and is shaped by, technology. Through art, they practice ways of being with the world: uncovering its curiosities and rubbing up against its contradictions. Growing up under the influence of US working-class capitalism, they value art as an arena for non-strategic modes of thinking, feeling, and communing with others. Their work has been shown at Currents International New Media Festival (Santa Fe), HTMlles Festival (Montreal), Australian Centre for the Moving Image ART+FILM Festival (Melbourne), MELT: Festival of Queer Arts and Culture (Brisbane); as well as galleries and itinerant spaces in the US and Vietnam. They received their MFA from Northwestern University, BFA from SAIC, and are a Visual Arts Fellow of the Luminarts Cultural Foundation. In their spare time, they enjoy staring lovingly into the eyes of insects.

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