Dec 11th 2021

FFFT returns for its 6th iteration of sound and movement collaborations!

This will be live at Elastic Arts but also live streaming for anyone who can’t make it.Freedom From and Freedom To is an exploration and celebration of artistic circumstance. Movement and sound improvisors from all around Chicago gather in front of a live audience, where they are grouped by chance. Each group performs an improvised set. We fuse diverse artistic backgrounds and practices to create unique and fleeting worlds.

Our events are improvisational performance environments which interrogate movement and sound. We use an ensemble of movers and sound-makers that are remarkably diverse in their crafts and backgrounds. Freedom From and Freedom To integrates relationality by engaging audience participation. The audience is invited to randomly draw a combination of artists who will perform together. Some of the participants have never engaged with each other before, which creates a challenging and often rewarding opportunity for world-making.


Lorene Bouboushain

Tuli Bera

Irene Hsiao

Keisha Janae

Erin Kilmurray

Helen Lee

Felix Mayes

Orlando Johnson

Erin Peisert

Peter Redgrave

Cristal Sabbagh

Sojourner Zenobia


Michele Blu

Tom Boram

Oli Harris

Quin Kirchner

Lia Kohl

Steve Krakow

Molly Jones

Todd Mattei

Julian Otis

Bashi Rose

Scott Rubin

Eli Sabbagh

Marvin Tate

Ayanna Woods

Ben Zucker





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