Nov 13th 2021

Experiments with hybrids in live and streaming environments

NEXT PERFORMANCE Saturday, November 13 4:20 & 8pm

Mitsu Salmon @mitsusalmon
Cristal Sabbagh @cristalsabbagh
Sky Goodman @sci_fi_mascara
Zoe Darling @zoedarling2
Sara Zalek @01saratonin

This series focuses on the moments of co-creation and gives the artists a play-space to discover new ways of working together and interacting with the audience. This “double-header” performance gives us all space to find the power of working together in the unknown, possibilities for Queering space, and the beauty in re-starting while making art!$10


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In-person audience invited 4:20pm & 7:30pm
You must be vaccinated to enter Elastic Arts. Please wear a mask.
Stream it LIVE online at 4:20 & 8pm;
This is a ripe time for working simultaneously at home and across continents and oceans. We are traversing into never-before-experienced combinations of sounds, images, text, motion, and interactions.

¡HOT MESS! is an opportunity to explore promiscuously inventive hybrids of performing in physical and virtual space. We flex our VR and interpersonal skills while also adapting to new tools, technology and experiences.

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Link to Archive of June 5 show:
with Collaborating Artists: Norman W. Long @normanwlong, Chloe Yu-Nong Lin @chloeyunonglin_pipa, Luc Mosley @fallingflowerarts, Adrian Wood @adriankvwood, Kyle Gregory Price @kylegregoryprice

Link to Archive of August 12 show:
with Collaborating Artists: Momo domo @momodono_pchs, Isaiah @Isaiah_the_barbergod, Eryka Dellenbach @erykadellenbach, Fereshteh Toosi @fereshtehtoosi, Noa/h Fields @doyounoahpoet

We are always seeking new relationships to open our perspective and learn from others. If you are interested to be involved, contact and/or check this survey to get a sense of what it’s all about.

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