Nov 8th 2021

Curated by Katherine Desjardins with Gabi Scardi.

In Fantin’s work, the relationship between consciousness and the unconscious emerges constantly as a theme, as does the relationship to one’s body, living with anomaly, and the possibility of constructing a second existence for oneself after a radical life-change.

At the center of this project is the artist’s ongoing investigation into states of awakened consciousness, the dream, and sleep. This research has led to Fantin’s recent work with coma, involving collaboration with a series of individuals who are deep-state coma survivors, all of whom express with remarkable life force sensations of renewed horizons, despite having undergone tragic traumatic experiences.

It is in this context that the artist has developed the Integrator: a spatial device of environmental dimensions able to integrate differing states of consciousness, that is, to promote one-on-one encounters between individuals, some of whom are coma survivors.

This project is accompanied by the launch of a virtual platform: , a website conceived of as a dynamic space of participation. A dedicated link invites members of the public to record a narration of a dream.


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