Oct 3rd 2021

Snake, the Hunter, and Bell

@ Comfort Station

2579 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Sunday, October 3rd, from 3PM - 7PM

On view through Sunday, October 3rd

Snake, the Hunter, and Bell

Over the past year, Jasper Goodrich, Justin Nalley, and Salim Moore collaborated on a project that intersects intuitive modes of making with their differing interests in fantasy: the magical, the narrative, the artistic, and the personal, all acting as a tinted lens to process society. “Snake, the Hunter, and Bell” is the result of this collaboration. The exhibition features both individual and collaborative work including drawings, site-specific installations, sculptures, paintings, prints, and poetry that serve as suggestions for the various ways people engage with their heart’s desire.


This is a story about a station in the woods, an old inn for travelers to rest their hat. Although it was deserted, three travelers, a Snake, a Hunter, and a bellmaker named Bell met at the inn on a misty night. For months they lived there, trading stories around the fire, planting flowers, fixing the well, building archways, and patching the roof. Everything was fine until one night their light was stolen.

Embarking on a journey that would take near their entire lifetimes to complete, the three travelers set out to regain their light.

What you are seeing here is the old inn after they all passed away. Upon regaining their light, they lived relatively happily in the station painting pictures from their memories. It wasn’t until you entered that the light flickered and turned into something new.

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