Oct 8th 2021

Common Gesture

@ Oliva Gallery

3816 W Armitage Ave, Chicago IL 60647

Opening Friday, October 8th, from 5PM - 10PM

On view through Saturday, November 6th

Please join us for the opening reception for “Common Gesture” a two person show featuring the work of Lisa Marie Barber and Sarah Dupré

Common Gesture
Slow or quick, direct or indirect, gestural marks have an immediate response to the surface that they associate themselves with. These marks celebrate materiality and highlight passages of the body’s movement through space.

Gestures not only accentuate time, but they have the potential to organize or disrupt a composition. In the works of Lisa Marie Barber and Sarah Dupré there is a clear embracement of line, color via paint or glaze, and play upon surface texture. Simultaneously, these two artists awaken a sense of touch by their performance with color that vacillates between matt and gloss finishes.

Lisa Marie Barber uses recycled clay to create ceramic assemblages that glorify the “hand.” Barber’s personal, pictorial work displays flowers, hearts, and familiar objects that adorn her sculptural figures. The artist’s iconography celebrates her upbringing in Arizona and presents gestures of love that, “serve as personal meditations on the ease, beauty, and wonder that can outline every day.”

Sarah Dupré’s paintings compose an atmospheric clash of mediums. Her work accommodates chance and erasures while lean marks of graphite take pleasure in line. Washed, slashed, and scraped away, Dupré’s work finds solace in ambiguity that is generated through repetition.

Common Gesture honors the vow to create work through uninhibited play with available material and showcases Barber and Dupré’s commitment to highlight the paramount and unique gestures of the hand.

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