Oct 27th 2021

Am I Man Enough?: Stories on Toxic Masculinity

@ Center on Halsted


Opening Wednesday, October 27th, from 7PM - 9PM

In collaboration with Anti-Violence Project at Center on Halsted to raise awareness about October Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Am I Man Enough?: Stories of Toxic Masculinity will return to the virtual space on Wednesday October 27.

The event will start at 7pm CST.

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Integrating personal narrative with social critique, Am I Man Enough? is the show where people tell personal stories to critically examine the culture of toxic masculinity and the construction of masculinity and manhood.

We have seven fabulous storytellers:
Nikki Blak
Kelli Dunham
Jason Craige Harris
Kristopher Arakawa
Maya Marshall
Sina Sam
Mo Sketch

You don’t want to miss these tellers. They have important stories to share: about social conditioning, about the ideology of hegemonic masculinity, about their own struggles conforming to as well as resisting against it. Am I Man Enough? is for people with important stories to tell.

Producer and host:
Ada Cheng is a professor-turned storyteller, solo performer, and storytelling producer. She has been featured in storytelling shows and done her two solo performances all over the country. She is the producer and the host of five storytelling shows, including Pour One Out: A Monthly Storytelling Series, Am I Man Enough?, Talk Stories: An Asian American/Asian Diaspora Storytelling Show, Speaking Truths Series, and This Is America: Truths through My Body.

Her motto: Make your life the best story you tell.
Check out her website: www.renegadeadacheng.com.



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