Sep 17th 2021

rock, paper, scissors

@ ADDS Donna

3252 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Friday, September 17th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Saturday, October 16th

ARTISTS RECEPTION – September 17, 2021

rock, paper, scissors
Ceramics and Collage by Ava Carney and Stefan Meier

September 10, 2021 – October 16, 2021

Riffing on the ancient hand game usually played between two people, Rock, Paper, Scissors, is a visual conversation between artists Ava Carney and Stefan Meier. Referencing aspects of chance, playfulness and materiality in their work, Carney’s ceramic sculptures and Meier’s paper collages guide the viewer through an experience of order and disorder in a search for relief in a hectic world. Intentionally handcrafted, simple materials are counterpointed with chaotic, random images, and ephemera. Ava’s unconsciously-processed abstract forms and limited palette offer an antidote to Stefan’s energetic, rainbow-infused narratives.

Carney literally uses the earth to make her work. She strives to make something that has a particular positive effect on the viewer’s mood or state of mind. Starting unconsciously with abstract forms, she considers art-making a spiritual practice and part of the other meditative habits of her daily living. Themes of anxiety and uncertainty, along with a keen interest in hope and the ability to make something out of nothing permeate her work.

Meier is interested in “nature as savior”, creating collaged micro-worlds from text and images where each page could be a chapter in a book. His narrative works point to shared human history and ignorance of our connection to nature. Themes of ancient history, pop-culture from the 60’s and current trends are layered in a hectic build-up of materials emotionally responding to the state of the world. Quick gestures and use of the entire color wheel communicate the impact of urban living on his psyche.

Together, these works are infused with ancient and familiar cultural narratives, mythologies and symbols. Attempting to soothe anxiety and make sense of the world, the two artists confront us with the frenetic absurdity of contemporary existence and the contemplative state manifested by our spiritual connection to nature. We are presented with a choice as to which will dominate.

Bobbi Meier Artist/Curator

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