Sep 18th 2021

Jonathan Muecke

@ Volume

1709 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Opening Saturday, September 18th, from 11AM - 6PM

On view through Saturday, October 30th

Free from any of the traditional obligations of functionality common to most design practices, Jonathan Muecke is interested in making unfamiliar and unknowable objects. Each piece deflects understanding, remaining open to ongoing interpretation. Attempting to go beyond design, idiosyncratic formal choices allow the user to think outside of familiar notions of use.

Muecke’s elegant forms are hyper-specific in scale and material. Meticulously articulated, his projects subvert standards of scale and investigate notions of positive and negative space. Making liminal objects which often play with being too high or too low, too big or too small, Muecke draws from the concept of measurement and the scale of the human body. Each project is typically made from one material, allowing the freedom to explore scale, shape, and quality. Muecke favors raw materials which he then transforms and interprets in his own way. He is interested in finding the limits of objects and reducing any details to the extreme. His process involves rigorous thought, labor, and time.

This exhibition highlights Muecke’s interest in introducing new forms to our collective visual vocabulary, finding shapes without precedent, and adding to our accumulated knowledge of design and objects. These new projects seek ways for the unknown to remain in the object, they hold contradictions and strive to exist beyond established categories.

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