Sep 18th 2021

INTERSECTIONS:3 Generations, Exhibition Opening: Saturday 9/18/21 @ 5-8pm


Intersections: 3 Generations showcases the work made by a family of artists. Each member of the Arceo family brings a unique voice to the collective while also sharing graphic and thematic interests. This exhibition juxtaposes Jose Armando Arceo’s street art aesthetic with Atlan Arceo-Witzl’s symbol-based visuals and Rene Arceo’s magically organic hand. They employ a diverse array of media to explore their shared Mexican heritage, typography, design, community, their surrounding environment, the self, and contemporary life. They all find grounding in the creative act as they carry on this tradition. They learn from the intersections, continuing to make work that is informed and emphatically their own.

All three artists have experience with relief printmaking as well as large scale murals. Both mediums recall the influential history of artists in post-revolutionary Mexico around the turn of the 20th century. These disciplines engaged form, line, and language to tell stories, convey political ideas, and investigate the barriers between representational and abstract art. The work of the Arceo family will occasionally harken back to this history. Sometimes subtly and at other times overtly. Their work describes their life in the United States in manifold ways just like the Mexican greats and the people of Mesoamerica did in their society because that is what artists are want to do.

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