Sep 21st 2021

I’m excited to be giving my first live performance following a long hiatus from public performance, in a space outside yet very close to my home in East Rogers Park. Thanks to its proprietors, the Jarvis Square Pottery Studio is both an acoustically and socially friendly place for small intimate concerts. The Ear Taxi Spotlight concerts series shares my interest in the uniqueness of localities: what makes Chicago a positive and welcoming place for diverse cultures.

Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Music at 8:00 p.m.

Tickets: $10 Donation suggested or pay what you can. Free if you’re broke, more if you have it. Unless we run out of room, we won’t turn you away.

Please be fully vaccinated and wear a mask indoors. BYOB

Over the years since I built the Springboard in 1994, I’ve been honored to perform on it with many different and highly creative sound artists and musicians. Among one honor was in 2017, the sound artist and author, Cathy van Eck took an interest in my work with the Springboard. She wrote, “This instrument is an excellent example of how the simple addition of a contact microphone can create a beautiful sonic phantasmagoria out of ordinary objects. When you look at the instrument, you can see all kind of familiar objects such as pieces of wood, combs, coil springs, a metal grill, a tin can lid and large rubber bands. The sounds produced by these ordinary objects are often of a surprisingly complex and varied nature. When listening to a recording, it is difficult to recognise the source of the sound and without any visual cues it often remains a mystery, which object produced which sound.”

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