Aug 28th 2021

Sally Wille was born in Beloit, Wisconsin and moved to Winnetka as a young child. Growing up on the shores of Lake Michigan and spending summers at camp in Michigan on an inland lake gave her a deep appreciation for nature, the outdoors, and its unending landscape. Her interest in painting was cultivated during high school with class work and continued while enrolled at The Art Institute of Chicago during summers. Sally continued her painting practice in college at The University of Arizona completing her BFA degree.

Today, Sally paints with watercolor and gouache and cherishes the connection she has with nature and the outdoors. She continually is evolving as an artist. Her abstracted landscapes use broad swaths of color and many times non representational colors and shapes. Sally paints in her studio in Winnetka and in her summer studio in Northern Michigan.

Susan Bennett majored in Art Education but never found her way into a classroom. As a result she didn’t paint or draw for thirty years. Her full time job generated a lot of stress and, needing a way to relieve it, she discovered painting again. Abstract art is her passion. Susan enjoys the challenge of creating something in two dimensions with only line, color, shape, texture and composition and finds great satisfaction in hearing people discuss what they see in her work…figures, landscapes, flora and fauna; or they like the color purple or yellow or red, either bright or subdued. In this way she feels that a connection is made and appreciation for abstract art is emboldened. We are showing new and recent abstract works by Susan in a highly colorful and engaging exhibition that is sure to evoke both the dialogue Susan seeks as well as positive emotions.

For Christine Graf creating art is an act of intimacy, hands making things that involve a healing touch for the artist. It is also steeped in joy and being present. As a life long artist in both commercial design and fine art, Christine works in multiple styles in both collage and assemblages using color, pattern, and dimensionality in mixed media. With each approach she hopes to capture the heart of the matter and to make a connection in herself and with the viewer. We are featuring an exciting variety of Christine’s works from her Deconstructed Boxes and Japanese Scrolls series of collages.

This exhibition opens August 28 from 6-9pm and will be on display weekends 1-4pm Saturdays and Sundays through September 12.

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