Jul 31st 2021

Paul Nudd’s Purple Mayonnaisery 

For the last twenty years, Paul Nudd has worked closely with countless artists from all over the world in a myriad of ways:  as curator, publisher, patron, teacher, apprentice, student, collaborator, secret admirer, editor, printer, enabler, bad-influence, confidant, critic, advisor, and chore boy.  Says Nudd:  “It’s a huge part of being alive.  You know, feeding off the life force of other artists.  The energy that’s created by making things and putting them out into the world, it never seems to diminish.”

Paul Nudd’s Purple Mayonnaisery is an overstuffed, gelatinous menagerie consisting of dozens of works by artists that occupy towering spots in the Paul Nudd creative watershed.  Former students, collectives, collaborators, BFF’s, BFFN’s, mentors and proteges alike, frenemies, aging peers and colleagues…    This is a celebration of the pleasures of pursuing one’s interests through other peoples’ creative output.  Artists include:

Anonymous Alcoholics
Chris Cajero Cilla
Mary Climes
Krystal DiFronzo
Keith Herzik
Chris Kerr
Abe Lambert
Sarah Leitten
John Maggie
Bailey Scieszka
Gina Wynbrandt
and many more!

In Gallery 2:
The Uncollected Pictures of Paul Nudd  

A highly selective anti-collection / variety platter of Nudd’s multiples, drawings, collages, one-offs, and older or lesser known works, plus a wall installation of embellished pressure-print cut-outs and other cannibalized studio artifacts.

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