Jul 9th 2021
Mid-Summer Art Walk in River North
2 Exhibitions – 1 Gallery
Joan Holleb: “Cowscapes”
Eve Ozer, Fred Holland Hugh Spector: “Cut-ups”
The paintings of Chicago artist Joan Holleb occupy an exciting place between process and image, between poetry and narrative. The material qualities of these works set them apart from most paintings, generating the unexpected effect of slowing down our gaze and causing us to look carefully at the interaction of copper, patina, and paint on the surface of the work.
Susan Aurinko and Susan Blackman, AKA Curators Gone Rogue, are excited to present CUT-UPS, the irreverent, delightfully affordable Collage Art of Fred Holland, Eve Ozer, and Hugh Spector. The trio, although each of their work is very different, all share a love of combining bits and pieces into completely new constructions that comment on the ironies of life.



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