Jul 16th 2021

Elephant Room Gallery will be hosting a pop up art exhibition at 3203 S Halsted St. in Chicago. “Pushpins, Paintings & Drawings / Transitions & Transformations” is a solo exhibition by Abraham and features brand new work!

Abraham’s work has evolved over the years and the artist is constantly refining his techniques and pushing the content of his work to reflect current events, trends, social and political commentary. His work has always been rooted in pop culture and his style incorporates abstract elements as well as a desire towards expressionism. The characters and figures that reappear constantly in his work are faceless, only wearing round spectacles, with some wearing hats or holding props, which give us insight into their individuality. Some works feature stand-alone figures, inspiring space and contemplation, while others are exploding with figures, objects and text.

“An artist never gets to Nirvana, not possible, because your concept and ambition is always greater than what you are able to achieve.” – Sean Scully (painter) Abraham’s work is a reflection of this constant evolution as he continues to challenge himself as an artist. Abraham’s work takes us on a weird and wild journey. It feels like he has taken our dreams and our nightmares and put them on display. The exhibition features works on canvas, paper and limited edition prints.

Abraham is an illustrator, designer, as well as a fine artist. After school he began to use his artistic skills as a freelance artist and currently does work at some of Chicago’s top ad agencies. Armed with a double major and a unique wit, the artist uses an alternative point of view to re-imagine ideals and adds his own brand of social commentary by re-contextualizing graphic icons. He works primarily in acrylic, watercolor, ink, often mixing them together in his finished works. His work is informed by the cartoon imagery of his youth, and he counts among his influences many of the pop artists of the 1960’s. He has shown work internationally, in and around Chicago, Los Angeles, and Manila.

“Pushpins, Paintings & Drawings / Transitions & Transformations” opens on Friday, July 16th from 6-9pm at 3203 S Halsted St. in Chicago. The pop up exhibition runs through July 30th and additional open hours will be announced on the gallery’s website and social media.

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