Jun 1st 2021


@ www.coincident.online


On view through Thursday, July 1st

Co[operative]-Incident was organized by a group of talents and creatives whose paths have crossed in a time of uncertainty. We sought to create an exhibition that would celebrate the intersection of fates as we prepare ourselves for the end of an era, but also for our own journeys to continue.

The diverse collection of works on view are representative of our unique destinies, yet we hope that you will be able to appreciate the cohesiveness of the exhibition as a whole. Meditation and introspection, death and life, dreams and memories – these recurring themes are merely a fraction of what evokes the connectedness of Co-Incident in spite of our differences.


Biffy Klorer
Cecil Le
Cher Fang
Eden Sanders
Elly Kim
Gracie Hagen
JP Zuniga
Julia Signe
Jun Kang
Neve Zhang
Nolan Barry
Salma Dib
Yinning Liu

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