May 12th 2021

Co-presented by Elastic Arts and Constellation.

The show will be livestreamed. Please support the artists by purchasing a donation-based ticket.

You can watch the livestream here:

Angel Bat Dawid & Charles Joseph Smith

Charles was born and raised in Chicago, and raised in the Beverly neighborhood as a crossover musician, composer, and dancer.

Angel Bat Dawid is a Black American composer, improviser, clarinetist, pianist, vocalist & DJ.

Charles Joseph Smith (piano and drums) and Angel Bat Dawid (piano, clarinet, and voice/ spoken word) perform as a duo. The performance is inspired by the Mothership 9 performance on October 2019 of Charles and Angel at Elastic Arts Foundation, in a style of a series of creative improvisations.

Marvin Tate & Johanna Brock

Johanna Brock (née Wiesbrock) is a musician, composer, and teacher based in Chicago. Brock frequently performs solo work for viola, voice, and electronics that seek to combine her musical background steeped in classical music with her passion for improvisation and linguistics.

Marvin Tate lives in the northwest community of Avondale. As a multidisciplinary artist, he has worn many hats, often combining and interchanging vocals and spoken word in an improvisational likeness to small and large ensembles.

The piece is titled America the Blue

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