Mar 11th 2021


Carl Little “SkiZero” – Navajo

Carl is from a small community in Birdsprings, AZ on the Navajo Nation. His clans are Rock Gap, Deer Springs, Towering House, and Mexican Clan. He is an artist with many mediums including: silversmith, graffiti, painting, drawing, and “upcycling or repurposing”. He loves to find new mediums to experiment with and is always looking for new ways to create.

Carl’s artist name is Ski-Zero. The name is bases on two main ideas. The first is based on his Dine’ culture and the language. The work Ashkii means Boy or Kid and associates with a person being young or someone’s son. He shortened to “Ski”. The second part is Zero. This relates to the math process of the xy axis where the number zero is the very center. It’s also known as the origin. Carl appies this to each moment where there is a decision to be made and we can go in either a negative or positive direction.

“I am looking forward to sharing my visions and art with you all. Thank you all for the opportunity to do so. Aheeheeh.” Carl Little / SkiZero

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