Mar 12th 2021

Mariane Ibrahim is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition with Sergio Lucena, The Blue that embraces me… The show will be on view from March 12 – April 10, 2021.

The Blue that embraces me…highlights the silent essence that illuminates the memory of such things that, individually and intimately, bring us back to ourselves. These seminal landscapes seek to identify the contours of life, presenting a kind of tracing of the soul as the artist views his work as a spiritual language, a way to see life as a sacred experience of interrelations.

The show marks a defining moment in the artists career as Lucena’s artistic production is moving toward a wider understanding of “limit” as a concept. The limit being both the environs that define a space and those naturally perceived. As a painter, Lucena felt the need to run against the limits of language. The duplicity of these slivers of light is the boundary that invites us to extend beyond the previously established liminal environments and spatial interstices to expand our point of view and create a new and unanticipated permeance.

The artist emphasizes, “The emergence of vertical axis marks a fundamental change in my trajectory, based on the perception of a connection between the earthly and the heavenly, the concrete and the sublime.”

Undeterred by the countless layers of paint, the building up of light and its multifaceted exposure demonstrating materializations is in a constant ethereal state of suspension, the works brightly colored slits and transition in color, suggest the existence of other dimensions and times only foreseen in the blink of an eye.

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