Mar 29th 2021

Roman Susan is grateful to introduce a new series – Movement Studies will present screenings, performance, research, workshops, reading groups, and installations created by artists in Chicagoland and across the Great Lakes region investigating social and environmental transitions. The series will begin with moving image work shared at 1224 W Loyola Ave, with weekly video projections by artists from the Twin Cities in Minnesota:

Christopher Corey Allen
una cosa che sente
March 29 to April 4, 2021

April 5 to April 11, 2021

Jordan Rosenow
A Place to Fall Into
April 12 to April 18, 2021

Karen Sherman
Hildas and Trojans + The Part That’s Human
April 19 to April 25, 2021

Anna Marie Shogren
April 26 to May 2, 2021

Ellie Lynch
Which / Witch Dancing Body
May 3, 2021 – May 9, 2021

Roman Susan Art Foundation is a nonprofit art space and platform for exhibitions and events in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Roman Susan develops and supports new opportunities to create, display, and experience art. For more info, please visit

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Image: Preview Image – Photo Collage for “JEALOUSY” by HIJACK

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