Mar 5th 2021

Is It A Good Time?

@ Mana Contemporary


On view through Sunday, March 7th

The events of 2020 have tremendously affected the lives of everyone in the United States, and more so that of noncitizen residents. To address pertinent bio-political issues related to the pandemic and to reflect on the prolonged period of time under the lockdown, Mana Contemporary presents “Is It A Good Time?,” an online screening featuring 33 artists from all over the world residing in the United States. To accommodate viewers from the artists’ home bases and a broader global audience, the screening takes the form of an Internet TV and will be streamed nonstop and on repeat for 72 hours.

“Is It A Good Time? is organized by Define American artist fellow Maryam Faridani and Chicago-based curator Nicky Ni. Special thanks to Orr Menirom and Angeliki Tsoli who gave their time to guest juror the artist submissions. A full curatorial statement can be found here.

*We are working on a variety of ways to support the organizers and participating artists who have self-funded this project. If you are able to help in that support, please consider contributing directly through Venmo: @IsItAGoodTime.

Belinda Adam, Mahsa Biglow, Ellen Bjerborn, Sofía Brockenshire, Jiayi Chen, Manos Dimitrakis, Setareh Ghoreishi, Diana Guerra, Vesper Guo, Mayar Hamdan, Vinay Hira, Hua Xi Zi, Rae Yuping Hsu, Sami Ismat, Amay Kataria, Hailing Liu, Rodrigo Moreira, Cheryl Mukherji, Peng Zuqiang, Renana Neuman, Peixuan Ouyang, Ruby Que, Jenny Rafalson, Jorge Rojas, Rey Velasquez Sagcal, Juna Skënderi, Iván Sikic, Zachary Sun, Ziyang Wu, Chengan Xia, Cherrie Yu, Alejandro Junyao Zhang, Jiaqi Zhang

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