Mar 18th 2021

Ground Floor artists explore and discuss the ways in which their practices excavate the past and present to articulate personal mythologies and understand the legacy of our time. Cecilia Beaven and Percy Lam explore the visual culture of their homelands in order to celebrate and revive them to develop new narratives to carry these narratives into the future and avoid extinction. J. Kent and Stella Brown collect ephemera to make objects that speak about systems of consumption, value, and the changing landscape of the city.

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Ground Floor is an ongoing Biennial exhibition since 2010, brings together work by Chicago’s most promising emerging talent. The exhibition offers a single destination to discover artists, who have recently graduated (in 2019 and 2020) from one of Chicago’s five outstanding MFA programs and whose work demands to be seen and supported. Ground Floor presents art made in the past couple of years in hopes to investigate and articulate conceptual and stylistic trends coming out of Chicago art schools right now.

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