Mar 4th 2021

Fractures: Creating Around Devastation

@ Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago


Opening Thursday, March 4th, from 12:30PM - 5:30PM

On view through Friday, March 5th

This virtual event is hosted on Facebook Live and ZoomRSVP for pre-event reminders.

Join artists, scholars, and policymakers in a two-day symposium centered around ideas of ecofeminism, architecture, and water. These guiding topics are at the forefront of thinking and work presented by artists at the MCA. Knowing that each of these areas touches all of our individual lives, voices in this symposium help us understand how these urgencies are interconnected, and how creativity helps us imagine a future around devastating situations.

The symposium includes an afternoon and an early evening program on each day. Before each program, Chicago’s own Lampo presents a musical piece inspired by the program topic.

This symposium at the MCA is organized by Gibran Villalobos, Assistant Curator, with Cameron McEwen, Coordinator, Performance and Public Practice.


12:30 pm: Lampo performance, HOBO UFO v. (The New World) by James Hoff and DeForrest Brown, Jr.

1pm: “Collective Contours: Civic Land Policy and Urban Design” with Ann Lui and Angela Tillges

3:30 pm: Lampo performance, Desert Rose by Sara Ludy

4 pm: “Fluid Fractures: Policy Language Problematics” with Mari Margil and Jeremy Kagan

12:30 pm: Lampo performance, Breaking Breaking by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros

1 pm: “Sound and Language Landscapes” with Elisa Harkins, Marcus “Quese IMC” Frejo, and Monique Verdin

4 pm: “Resisting Destruction/Constructive Actions” with Shanai Matteson and Winona LaDuke

About the Sessions

1 pm: “Collective Contours: Civic Land Policy and Urban Design”
Spaces are built by few to serve many. What does it mean to rebuild space by collectives for public use? Join Ann Lui, previous co-curator of the U.S. Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale and director of Night Gallery as she discusses collective design alongside Angela Tilges, manager of the Great River Passage in Minneapolis along the Mississippi River.

4 pm: “Fluid Fractures: Policy Language and Cultural Change”
Mari Margil is the Executive Director of the Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights. In this conversation she is joined by the award-winning film director and producer Jeremy Kagan as they discuss how policy and story-telling is needed towards shifting culture. How do we think about the protection of water as a cultural change?

1 pm: “Sound and Language Landscapes”
Thinking about the preservation of Native and Indigenous languages through electronica, musical artist Elisa Harkins walks us through the structures of sound and the written word, in conversation with Marcus “Quese IMC” Frejo and interdisciplinary storyteller Monique Verdin.

4 pm:”Resisting Destruction/Constructive Actions”
In this conversation live-streamed from the resistance camps in Minnesota, join water protectors and artist activists Shanai Matteson and Winona LaDuke, as they provide insight to what is currently happening at the frontlines. In this participatory conversation, they will provide tactics and tools around what you can do and how you can think around devastation.

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