Feb 20th 2021

It’s time to get just a little bit weird! We’re excited to be presenting a new series of paintings by Baltimore-based artist Stephen Blickenstaff — since the early ’80s Stephen has been laying down a steady stream of wonderful art with a cool ’60s monster culture vibe (including the iconic cover of The Cramps’ “Bad Music for Bad People”) and we’re stoked to have 20 new paintings of his to show.

The exhibit will be open for viewing and sales beginning Saturday, February 20, 10am-6pm, but we are being cautious and will not be holding an opening reception.
Sign up for our gallery previews email list at previews.rotofugi.com to receive an email when works are available to purchase online — we try to have a preview out a day or two before an exhibit opens, though sometimes it doesn’t go out until sometime after the opening.

The exhibit continues through March 14th and the gallery is open for viewing at Rotofugi, 2780 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, 10am-6pm daily, or view online at gallery.rotofugi.com.

About the Artist
Stephen Blickenstaff has been creating monster themed graphics and illustrations for publication since the early 80’s. Inspired by the 60’s monster culture, Steve’s work is often described as a twisted blend of horror and comedy.

His work has appeared on album covers, T-shirts and posters for bands and personalities such The Cramps, Los Straitjackets, Southern Culture On The Skids, The Fleshtones, They Might Be Giants, and Dr. Demento. Recently, Steve collaborated with his friend and fellow artist John Detrich to create the FUNNY FIENDS sticker series released by Sidekick Labs, and his work has appeared in publications such as “The Book of Weirdo: A Retrospective of R. Crumb’s Legendary Humor Comics Anthology” and Les Barany’s “Carnivora the Dark Art of Automobiles.”

Steve is also personally involved in the music scene — he currently plays theremin with the instrumental surf bands the Atomic Mosquitos and Killers From Space.

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