Feb 22nd 2021

New Channels of Access gathers together short videos by Carolyn Lazard, Leroy Moore Jr., Sharon Snyder, David Mitchell, Liza Sylvestre, Joseph Grigely, Christine Sun Kim, and Thomas Mader to explore the last three decades of creative struggles and expressions within disability culture and politics. Through a variety of means and perspectives, these works expand and complicate systems of communication, particularly in regard to film and video, while examining the practices (and systemic failings) of accessibility and accommodations. This program is organized in the spirit of Mitchell and Snyder’s insistence that disability subjectivities “are not just characterized by socially imposed restrictions, but productively create new forms of embodied knowledge and collective consciousness.”

Presented as part of This Set of Actions is a Mirror, a multipart look at expressions of disability culture and politics in artists’ moving images.

Multiple artists, 1995–2018, USA, 72 minutes, open captions
More details: www.saic.edu/cate

Zeinabu irene Davis, 1999, USA, 95 minutes, ASL and open captions
Streaming February 25–March 3

Panel discussion with Dustin Gibson, Robert McRuer, and Liza Sylvestre, moderated by Minh Nguyen
Thursday, February 25, 7:00 p.m. CT

This event will have live captions and ASL interpretation.

[Image: A white woman, the chef Julia Child, is in a kitchen, and is staring directly into the camera. She has short brown hair and is wearing a retro orange button down shirt and dark pants. She is standing in front of a rectangular table draped with orange tablecloth and is holding a silver colored pan and something is cooking inside of it. The walls are panelled and there is artwork of fruit installed as well as a built-in-shelf with formal ceramic serving dishes. There is yellow text overlaid over the entire upper half of the image that reads in capital letters, “THEN NO ONE GETS ANY. / IMAGE AND SOUND THAT / CANNOT BE DISENTANGLED. / A SUFFUSION. / A CACOPHONY. / NO LEGIBILITY FOR SOME. / ILLEGIBILITY FOR ALL. / A SENSORY FAILURE. / A REDISTRIBUTION OF VIOLENCE.” At the bottom of the image are captions in white letters that read “So how’s that for a last-minute supper party.”]
Image caption: Carolyn Lazard, A Recipe for Disaster, 2017. Courtesy of the artist.

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